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Gold Coast Minister's Curriculum

These lessons were born from a burden to preserve the Truth and promote the spread of the Gospel in Ghana.  God has graciously raised up brethren who have carried the Gospel faithfully for many years.  We pray that younger Ghanaian preachers will be prepared to pick up where the elder brothers left off, when the time comes.  To that end we have labored prayerfully to write some curriculum to help disciple younger ministers (whether in age or experience) as Jesus commissioned.  We do not desire to create another commentary, but rather to use the Roman Letter as a foundation and framework with which the readers can gain experience in rightly dividing the Word of God.

Though we have intentionally avoided writing a commentary, we have found that including some commentary in terms of scriptural exposition was unavoidable.  Where personal commentary has been necessary, we have prayerfully striven to explain doctrine and teachings as clearly as possible, with a view toward historical Baptist doctrine.

Our goal is not to impose our own opinions on the readers, but rather to facilitate active thought and prayerful personal study so that the readers may continue growing in spiritual knowledge and wisdom.  We have tried to remain focused on three particular themes as we have compiled these lessons:

        1.  To illuminate some of the attributes of God and to discuss His nature

        2.  To lay a foundation of faith and help the readers gain experience interpreting scripture with scripture

        3.  To show that salvation is by God’s grace and through the faith of Christ, and to examine some of the false doctrines of                                         works-based salvation

The first theme is, admittedly, impossible apart from the illumination of the Holy Spirit.  And even when God chooses to teach us about Himself through the revelation of His Spirit, this revelation comes in glimpses, lest our frail human flesh would be completely consumed in exposure to His glory.  All three themes can only be appropriately understood with the help of the Spirit of God.  As we have prayed for guidance from the Holy Spirit in writing these lessons, we feel fully persuaded that He is the Great Teacher of all Truth.  We implore you, the reader, to seek His guidance as you explore these lessons.

We, the authors, have not arrived at a special state of spiritual maturity, nor do we feel specially qualified to teach others.  We do, however, have a great desire to see the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed throughout the world.  And, we hope to be faithful to the burden He has given us for these lessons and for the people of Ghana.  We sincerely pray that these efforts may be of service to our fellow-laborers in the Kingdom of God.  Our burden and desire is simply to be instruments in the Redeemer’s hands.  Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honor and glory for ever and ever.  Amen.