Welcome to the Website

I am excited to welcome everyone to the online home of the Gold Coast Mission Work.  This website is devoted to spreading the gospel through Ghana, and Lord willing, other parts of  West Africa in God's time.  Many people are familiar with the mission work in Ghana, however I would like to give you a brief overview of the history of the mission work there and share with you my burden as it relates to this work.  

Brother Paul Bryson began preaching on shortwave radio stations in the mid-1990's and through these efforts was eventually contacted by Brother Samuel Sekyere from Kumasi, Ghana.  Over the course of years, Brother Bryson learned of Brother Sekyere's salvation experience, call to the ministry, and desire to learn more about the message he was hearing over the radio broadcast.  Following the leadership of the Holy Spirit, Brother Bryson traveled to Ghana where he was greeted by Brother Samuel and a group of Christians eager to learn the ways of God.  Since the time of these humble beginnings, 5 churches have been planted in Ghana and numerous mission works are on going throughout the country.  

Over time, Brother Bryson's radio work expanded into various countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Liberia, Romania and more.  Thankfully this resulted in many other churches and mission works being established throughout the world and many people having the opportunity to hear the good news that Jesus Saves!

As Brother Bryson's work for the Lord has grown, he has been forced to focus more of his time and attention on less developed mission works and allow other brethren to pick up in areas which are more established.  He has widened the field and God is calling other men to deepen it.  This is where my burden for Ghana originated.  

In March of this past year, I talked extensively with Brother Samuel Sekyere and Brother Paul Owusu about the current state of the work in Ghana.  As we talked, my heart became more burdened for the work there.  These two men have been faithful to the Lord and His work for nearly two decades and I could see they had a burden to deepen the work there, however they didn't have access to as many resources as they needed.  I also realized that given their age, the future of this work was uncertain following their decease.  

Through much prayer and after seeking the counsel of Brother Bryson, I started the Gold Coast Missions Fund in May 2015.  You can read about the purpose of the fund under the ABOUT tab, however I would like to briefly give you a less formal explanation here.  

The work in Ghana has been established for almost two decades since Brother Bryson's initial trip.  It has seen many American missionaries travel to hold revivals and God has blessed these efforts by saving many souls over the course of these two decades.  However, we know that the teachings of scripture is that after one has been saved, it is the responsibility of the Lord's church to, "...teach them all things whatsoever I have commanded you...(Matthew 28:19)."  

My burden is to help this work deepen in the faith as it expands in size.  In short, I desire to see the native churches grow in knowledge, sanctification, and spiritual power as they seek to become more self-sustaining.  

This mission effort is focused on providing financial resources to the native missionaries so they can focus their time and attention on studying the Word of God.  It is focused on providing the Ghanaian people and especially the younger ministers with educational resources, which will necessitate important biblical resources translated into the native languages of Ghana.  And finally, this mission effort is burdened to see more native Ghanaian s serve as missionaries to other parts of Ghana and West Africa.  

The brethren in Ghana have an opportunity to serve as an important center for missionary activity throughout West Africa.  It is my sincere prayer that we can support this work and see God deepen and widen the work of God in this area.  

I am so thankful for your support of this work and am glad to keep you informed, through this blog, on the work of the Lord in Ghana.  I intend to update this blog periodically as new information is available.  As brothers travel to and from Ghana and as the native brethren give me information, I will also allow them to post information here.  

If you would like to also receive a quarterly e-mail update, please go to our contact section and provide your name, e-mail address and let us know that you would like to receive the quarterly updates.  

On behalf of the brethren in Ghana, thanks for your prayers and financial support.

Brother Bradley S. Hicks