Another Perspective- Justin Farris (Blog 2)

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The next day, Tuesday July 4th, I woke up around 8:30am, Ghana time.  That morning we had a wonderful meal of oatmeal, bread and fresh mango.  After breakfast, we headed out down the road to the shops.  Here is where I got my first taste of everyday life in that part of Kumasi. 

After walking around a while I found myself very uncomfortable with my situation.  We were the center of attention.  Everyone was staring at us wherever we went.  This was something very new to me, which I had never experienced.  I realized that all that I was feeling was a perception of the only thing I knew from back home in the States.  I thought I was good at reading people, mannerisms, and body language, but I had to quickly understand that my understanding of all those things had to change.  My senses were telling me I was in trouble but I truly was not.  This was purely an inner challenge that I had to face.  We were in good hands with our brethren and I knew that.  But it still took me a few days to work through this within myself and the Lord helped me greatly to do so.  The children who were so very curious were always a joy to interact with.  They loved it when you would wave and say hello to them and would always give a big smile in return.  Some would use the little English they knew to say “Good morning” or “Good evening”. 

That night Bro. Jon and myself went with Bro. Nathaniel and Bro. Kojo to Ebenezer MBC located in Bon Wire for revival service.  Despite being very tired that night from our travels, I was looking forward to being in a Ghanaian service.  When we arrived, the congregation was singing with the music that was being played.  We went in and took our seats in the front behind the pulpit.  It was very dim in the building due to the low voltage of electricity going to the few lights that were on.  The generator that the church was borrowing seemed to stop working so it was dim.  Bro. Nathaniel introduced Bro. Jon and myself to the congregation in English while Bro. Kojo interpreted in Twi for the people.  Bro. Jon then stood to preach with Bro. Kojo by his side.  I was so looking forward to what it would be like to use an interpreter.  It was such an amazing thing to witness.  After Bro. Jon finished preaching, several came to the front to seek the Lord.  We prayed with them, sang hymns and tarried a while until we had to head back to the house for the night with the brethren. 

The next morning, Wednesday July 5th, we woke and had breakfast and we were greeted by Bro. Todd Reynolds who came in from Tennessee.  We rested that morning and afternoon and went out to the market place once again.  That evening, brought an opportunity for me to preach at Ebenezer MBC.  Bro. Hicks, Bro. Reynolds and myself were escorted to church once again.  Bro. Nathaniel introduced us and I stood for the first time to preach in Ghana.  Bro. Kojo interpreted for me and I must say that it was a bit of a challenge using an interpreter!  Having to pause every few words and continue my thoughts was so very different, indeed.  It took me a few times preaching to finally get the hang of it.  When we preach in English, we preach as we think.  Having to slow my speaking down and pausing provided a big learning curve.  After the sermon, several came up once again to seek the Lord.  There were no professions made that we were aware of these first two nights at Ebenezer.