Faith Church in Cape Coast


From: March 1st, 2017

 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me. “Philippians 4:13 KJV

“Praise ye the LORD. O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever. Who can utter the mighty acts of the LORD? Who can shew forth all his praise?” - Psalms 106:1-2

What shall we render unto the Lord Almighty for how far He has brought us as a church?  A very big thanks to our Maker in Heaven, and secondly, thanks to our main longtime sponsoring church Sulphur Fork MBC, not forgetting the Old Union MBC.  Brother Daniel Chandler and his wife, Sister Cindy, Sister Janie Pearson who sponsored four of our children’s education, Brother Bradley Hicks and Brother Todd Reynolds for their generosity. We cannot sing our successful song without mentioning our beloved Ghanaian pastors and deacons and all the churches in Ghana. Your cooperation with us was essential for the success of our mission. It is our prayer that the Lord answer all your prayers. May the favor of our Lord locate you everywhere you go. Once again, we are grateful “Yedaa mu ase.”


1.       RESIGNATION On the 5th February, we were faced with very challenging situation. Our pastor, Elder Frank de Souze resigned the pastorate of Faith Church and left the church with his family. This has affected the church greatly. Our brother Ebenezer Nkrumah and another family from Amosima also has chosen to stop attending church as result of that. But, despite all the difficulties, Faith Church and Amosima Mission survived the test of time to the glory of God. In fact, the church also witnessed the returns of some of the old members. I can say that four people have come back. We are praying that the Lord will continue touching and inviting His own to church as we also continue witnessing Christ to them. Currently, Brother Victor Onai who is the Mission Pastor at Amosima MBM is elected as an Interim Pastor of Faith Church and the same time taking care of the mission work. In order to preserve funds and be able to pastor the church effectively, Bro. Victor and his family have moved into a small office/utility room (approximately 12' x 12') inside Faith Church. The church has undertaken to build a very small living quarters overtop the church to serve as permanent living quarters for the pastor. It is our prayer that the Lord would help with money so that we can fit the rest of the windows of the church building.

2.       This report covers the period March 1st, 2017 to October 31st, 2017

Faith Church Stats.png

Currently, work at Cape Coast is progressing by the grace of God and the members are well committed to the church advancement. Above all, there’s total calmness and cooperation among us.

3.       EASTER RETREAT: Actually, the retreat was first of its kind and it started on Easter Friday at 9 am and closed at 5pm. The attendance was encouraging. Two visitors got saved but went back

4.       FAITH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH (FAITH CHURCH) to their churches. The program was crowned with Thanksgiving Service on Sunday morning.

5.       EVANGELISTIC WORK: The Evangelistic Work is yielding good result. Bro. Samuel and his church Mt. Zion, sent two of their deacons on May 7th for a week evangelistic work (revival). We were able to reach some souls with the gospel in two communities and visited some of the old members as well. It’s our prayer that the Lord will work on their heart so that they will come and seek the Lord and worship with us. We also started another community radio preaching program at nearby village called Ekon, in addition to Amosima. We also witnessed eight students from a nearby Senior High School at Ekon, where the community Radio preaching goes on. We have the conviction that Faith Church will see growth again.  Bro. Samuel and the wife are giving us all the needed assistance in whatever way they can. Currently, there's total calmness and you can feel the sweet spirit all over Faith Church once again.

6.       EVENING SERVICE: Teaching and prayer service is on Thursday 4:30pm to 6:00pm at Faith .The attention is very encouraging.

7.       TEACHING SERVICE: Since the doctrine of the church is our main target area apart from evangelism, we introduced teaching service which comes off every 3rd Sunday of every month.

8.       LORD’S SUPPER / BAPTISM:  The two ordinances of the church are fully observed this year. Two people from Amosima MBM were baptized and the Lord’s Supper was also be observed every month.

9.       FAITH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH (FAITH CHURCH) CONSTRUCTION WORK:  A lot of renovation work is on-going at Faith church. Some are completed such as the office which is currently saving as a housing apartment of Bro. Victor. Part of the renovation is to put up a permanent apartment (Mission House) to accommodate the pastor and his family. We’re very grateful to Bro. Danny Chandler and Bro. Brad Hicks who took it upon themselves to help us raise funds for this program. We indeed receive all your support. May God richly bless you all. Attack is the pictures of the progress.

10.   AMOSIMA MISSION LAND PROPERTY: We also thank God for answering our prayer. Amosima Mission have been praying for plot of Land. To your information, we bought this property which is full plot of land (80ft by 100ft) for future temple at Ghc 4,000.00. Deposit of Ghc 2,000.00 was paid left with Ghc 2,000.00. We are trusting the Lord to help us pay the rest. We are very grateful to Sulphur Fork MBC for supporting us in buying the land.

11.   EDUCATIONAL SPONSORSHIP SCHEME Faith Church Children’s educational sponsorship scheme received scholarship for SEVEN children in August. Three of the children were sponsored by Sulphur Fork MBC whilst Sister Janie Pearson also supported four children. May God richly bless every individuals who helped. One positive outcome of the sponsorship is that the children Sunday school has seen great increase. We’re very grateful to have 43 children currently, 9 from Amoyao, 4 from Kobine Asa and 30 from Amosima.

12.   FAITH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH (FAITH CHURCH) SUNDAY SCHOOL AND TEACHING SERVICE MATERIAL In the year 2017, the church studied the following lesson from “The Church Covenant” 1,2,3,3,4,5,6,8 and “Handbook for Missionary Baptist Churches by Billy L. Moran” chapter 4,5,6,7,8,9,&10. The school really opened the understanding level of the members even making them more committed to the kingdom business.

13.   CONFIRMATION OF PASTOR BRO. JAHWIS VICTOR ONAI AS THE SUBSTANTIVE PASTOR OF FAITH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH Faith church has resolve to confirm Bro. Jahwis Victor Onai as the substantive Head Pastor of Faith Missionary Baptist Church. On the 5th November, 2018 at the church’s business meeting upon thoughtful prayers and deliberation, they voted in unanimity that we make Bro. Victor Onai as the main pastor of the church. Attach is the letter from the church.

Challenges: CHURCH BUS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENT FOR CHURCH SERVICE:  We have reached people with the gospel but finding it very difficult to transport them to church. We are pledging with you to pray about this worthy cause.

CONCLUSION God richly bless each and every one for the good work for your prayer and financial support. We appreciate all.

Thank you,

Reported By Victor Onai