Upper West Region


  • Population: 712,000 
  • Capital City: Wa
  • Popular Religions: Catholicism, Islam, and Animist
  • Literacy Rate: 28%
  • Languages: Wa, 
  • Tribes: Mole Dagbon; Grusi
  • Economy: Highly Agricultural
Upper West Region Map.png

        A member of the Wala Tribe.     Photo Credit: Joshuaproject.net

        A member of the Wala Tribe.  

Photo Credit: Joshuaproject.net

Culture and Religion

The Upper West Region is the least modernized of all the regions in Ghana.  Most of the inhabitants are farmers or small business owners and the educational system is the least developed of all places in Ghana.  There are multiple languages which are almost extinct and a small minority of people can read.  

This is the least reached region with the gospel.  Over 70% of people in the Upper West region have not heard the gospel and the remaining have heard a largely Catholic version of the gospel.  The communities in this region are largely split between followers of Islam or the native religion.  Presently, there are no known mission works in Ghana.  Please pray that God would burden men to spread the gospel in this gospel deprived area.  

Information from: Wikipedia; joshuaproject.net; operationworld.org

Status of Gold Coast Mission Work

Presently, there are no mission works affiliated with the Gold Coast Mission Fund working in the Upper West Region.  Please pray that God would grant an opportunity for the established churches to reach this area.